Sash Window Repairs & Servicing:



We service, repair, and restore any and all timber sash windows in Swansea, Mumbles, across Gower, and much of South Wales.


You might have a single stuck sash window you'd like finally to be able to open, or may have just moved into a property with character you'd like to retain and need all the sash windows fully serviced and restored to full working order.


Necessary repairs can come about for a variety of reasons: your sash windows may have simply been painted shut years previously; slowly damaged by the elements (a not uncommon occurrence with the wind and rain we see around Swansea Bay and across Gower!); damaged or broken sash cords can stop the windows moving freely; as can rotten window sills, boxes, and surrounds; as well as old hardware (such as broken catches, locks, fasteners, etc.)


Our repair work addresses these (and any other issues you have) with methods that both maintain the character of your property, and save the unwanted (and almost always) unwarranted expense of new replacements.  As you would expect, we're fully-compliant with all local Conservation Area rules.  If you're unsure whether your property is in a Conservation Area, you can check the relevant gov.Wales page here, and the Swansea Council-specific page here.


We always aim to repair and restore where possible, but very occasionally - particularly being natural products exposed to the elements - something (very often the wooden window sill) may need to be replaced.  We're able to install replacement hardwood window sills using an effective combination of traditional joinery techniques, and modern, professional-use products. 


Many find that in addition to the above, sash window draught-proofing not only effectively keeps your property warmer in the colder months, it also helps keep your windows in good, fully-working order.


Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to arrange a free quote / estimate.

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