Sash window repair and restoration in Swansea, Gower, and South Wales.

About us:

We service, repair, and restore timber sash windows in Swansea, Mumbles, Gower, and South Wales.


Restoration and conservation drive what we do and how we operate.


With this in mind, our aim is to bring your wooden sash windows back to life and return them as close as possible to their former glory. 


From unsticking a single stuck sash window, to larger, property-wide projects to include repair and servicing, draught-proofing, and painting, we're happy to help.


Based in West Swansea, we operate across Gower and much of South Wales.



It's not a given that your original wooden sash windows have to be wildly draughty. Character and conservation do not demand the cold! 


Our brush-based draught-proofing is highly effective at minimising gaps which let unwanted cold air in to (and warm air out of) your property.


Draught-proofing has the triple-effect of maintaining the aesthetic of your wooden sash windows, reducing energy use and wastage, and also often improving how smoothly the windows move.


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Our Services:

Repair & Service

Wooden sash windows may not need to be repaired or serviced quite as often as your car, but left alone long enough, they'll often develop issues which may need addressing.


Over time they can become stuck closed (or not close or lock properly), not move particularly freely, or become damaged by the elements, etc.


Our repair work addresses these (and any other issues you have) with methods that both maintain the character of your property, and save the unwanted expense of full replacements.


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Painting & Finishing

Whilst you may prefer to employ the services of another painter/decorator, we do offer a full painting service additional to our more technical work.


Only high-quality products are used - always with a minimum environmental impact - which maximises visual impact and maintains your windows' condition and character for as long as possible.


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No two windows are exactly the same, and the condition of sash windows and the surrounds in which they sit can vary considerably (please see our gallery for a few recent examples).


This variation often has a direct effect on the amount of time and resources it takes to repair and restore the windows and surrounds to good working order.


Accurate quotes can be given only after the windows and surrounds have been seen.  These are - of course - given freely!  Please get in touch with us to arrange a visit.

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